Monday 30 July 2012

THE DIRTY DOZEN w/e Aug 5th 2012

A big weekend coming up for us in the Ballyhea/Charleville bondholder bailout protest, our 75th week of protest. We'd like to make it a bit of an event so if anyone out there feels like joining us, this is the time. It's in Charleville this week, meeting at the Library Plaza in the centre of town (formerly the Protestant church) at 11.30am, all done and dusted by noon.

We will be joined this week by an old friend of the campaign, Constantin Gurdgiev, along with Stephen Donnelly, the independent Wicklow TD, who has also volunteered his time afterwards to give a short talk/answer questions - this will probably be at the Park Hotel, on the outskirts of town.

No change in the dirty dozen this week but have a look at what's coming, have a look particularly at October 1st, a nice round billion euro of unsecured bond from AIB. Ye might have read that this bank isn't doing very well lately - quelle surprise, given that it has already paid out €5.9bn in bonds this year, still has that billion-euro-bond to come. It's not all our money of course, we own only 99.8% of AIB...

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  1. Hi Diarmuid, John from the UK here, we chatted once before, I'm glad to see you're keeping up with exposing the common criminals who are robbing us all. Thought you might like this little bit of fiction, about a man who gains revenge on a thieving banker, from beyond the grave! It's a ten minute read, and it's free, I think you'll find it amusing. You can see it here,