Monday 26 November 2012

THE DIRTY DOZEN w/e Dec 2nd 2012

There was a book published recently, The Big Lie by Gene Kerrigan, that I would recommend with all my heart to anyone who would like to learn, in layman's terms, what has befallen us all in the past few decades. If you can't afford to buy it, order it at your local library; if you want to know the truth, it's in there.

I would recommend it particularly to anyone in a decision-making position in this country, to any and all of our politicians, to our union leadership, to our media kings and queens.

All those politicians in the Fianna Fáil and Green Parties who voted to accept the Troika terms in the Memorandum Of Enslavement of Nov 2010 betrayed their own people; all those in the Fine Gael and Labour Parties who now implement those terms as though they were their own have done likewise.

Be under no illusion; though it's titled a Memorandum Of Understanding, read The Big Lie and you'll understand that a Memorandum Of Enslavement is what it is. 

Debt slaves, that's what we've become under those terms, paying off billions in loans we as a people never took out, loans from which we as a people never benefited.

Debt slavery, that's what we will endure for decades, generation after generation paying reparations for a war we never fought. In less than a century we have swapped subservience to one Empire for subservience to another. The ECB are our new Masters, our own government our new well-cushioned Overseers; what was once done from Dublin Castle is now done from Leinster House.

There is still time for our governing party politicians to turn this around, time for them to realise and repair their mistakes. Start by burning the Promissory Notes, all of them, reprint the money extorted from us by the ECB/EU, then give us governance for the people, not just for the priviliged.

For our union leaders, Saturday in Dublin was a start, that was all - late as it was. Now stay with it. A day of unified, general action, bring the country together and let the ECB know - we've had enough.

For our media, were it not for people like Gene Kerrigan I would have long lost almost all hope.


  1. You are doing a splendid job Diarmuid. Keep it up, people are finally beginning to listen and move. Lift up your heart.

  2. Just ordered the book. Thanks for the recommendation.