Tuesday 15 October 2013

THE DIRTY DOZEN w/e Oct 20th 2013

In the week that's in it, the corporate entity of Kenny, Noonan, Gilmore & Howlin having come up with the latest attacks on the old, the youth, the infirm, to maintain the protection they offer to their friends in banking and big business, isn't it good to know that we continue to pay in full all those failed bondholders in the failed Irish banks? Isn't it good to know also that all those Fine Gael and Labour backbenchers continue to offer their unqualified support to those measures?

'No more Promissory Notes!' crowed Minister Noonan, yet again publicly proclaiming this utter untruth - the €25bn in P Notes were converted to Sovereign Bonds, are all still very much alive and current, sitting in the Central Bank awaiting buyers, every cent of that €25bn then to be destroyed, just as was the case with the Promissory Notes.

For your perusal then, here they are - eight unsecured bonds in the this next dirty dozen, averaging over €10,000,000 per bond.