Monday 29 August 2011

The Dirty Dozen w/e Sep 4th

It's getting kind of frightening now. Look at the next six bonds, look at the sub-total at the bottom of the link. €18bn we pumped into the banks in July, recapitalisation, but if you're wondering why the money isn't circulating, being pumped into businesses struggling for the oxygen of investment, if you're wondering why the banks are doing all they can to get their full pound of flesh from every mortgage-holder, this is the reason why - €7bn in failed bonds being paid off this year, €20bn next year, €70bn over the next several years. Every week another bond, every week another shipload of money leaving a country heading into another Great Hunger. And still no-one protests, no-one joins us on our weekly march in Ballyhea and Charleville.

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