Sunday 29 January 2012

The Dirty Dozen w/e Feb 5th 2012

You know what really amazes/maddens me? Last week our national media made a great song-and-dance about the €1.25bn unsecured Anglo bond, but ignored completely the fact that on the Monday, Anglo also paid an unsecured bond of €30.7m. I mean, we couldn't do with that €30.7m for ourselves?

Coming up this Friday, another unsecured Anglo bond, this one for €20m, and an equally unsecured €20m from EBS. The Ballyhea/Charleville weekly protest, which last Sunday marched for the 47th week, isn't about one or two big bonds, it's about all the bonds, the big and the small, it's about the Promissory Notes, it's about resisting this very basic injustice that's being visited on Ireland on an ongoing basis.

The world of finance knows this debt isn't ours but the ECB can say to our government, 'Pay this money or else', the implied threat - according to Minister Leo Varadkar - being that if we don't, a bomb (metaphorically speaking, we all hope) will go off in Dublin. By any measure, that's extortion, and with menace. Forget all the side-issues - resist this crime against the people of this country, expose it for what it is.

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