Monday 13 February 2012

The Dirty Dozen w/e Feb 19th 2012

The next 12 on a long list. On Wednesday Anglo will pay €2.3m, Bank of Ireland will pay €271.6m; next Monday AIB coughs up €864.6m, all unsecured bonds. If those latter two big bonds were from Anglo there would be more outcry, but where do you think BoI and AIB will get those funds, from whom? Yes, they're making money for jam now on the ECB's latest inter-banking scam, but much of the cash for these bonds is coming from the overcharged Irish public, much also from the 'injection' of billions from the Irish exchequer. Please - Anglo is by far the most toxic, but directly or indirectly, ALL these banks are giving our money to their failed bondholders; we should protest every cent.

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