Monday, 14 May 2012

THE DIRTY DOZEN w/e May 20th 2012

Today, May 15th, without comment anywhere except on sites such as this, Anglo paid an unsecured bond of £60,000,000 - that's sixty millon pounds sterling, around €73m. On May 28th, AIB (another debt-ridden bank we now own) will pay a bond of €2.25bn.

I'm asking people, please RT this, Share this information, share this site. Bond by bond this bank debt is being transferred to sovereign; every cent that goes out from Anglo, from AIB, is our money. Before long one or other of those banks will be back to us again, begging bowl out again, the final recapitalisation again.


  1. Keep up the good work. People are actually following this.

  2. I, for one. Perhaps you've answered this in an earlier post, but where are you sourcing this information? I don't doubt that it's all true but I'm curious.

    1. Got the complete info from the people behind the now renowned namawinelake blog; it's in my other blog, http:/, from sometime last year, in May or June (I think!). And yes, it IS accurate.

  3. Thanks very much. Do you have a position on the current referrendum?

  4. Yes, absolutely, and it's No, absolutely; check this
    and this
    Tomorrow, having had even more time to study the lead-up to the Compact, I will be posting a more comprehensive blog on thechatteringmagpie14.