Monday 3 September 2012

THE DIRTY DOZEN - w/e Sep 9th 2012

Look at the table below and weep; weep for those who ever the next few months will find themselves without one of the 600,000 hours being cut from the home-help service. To this government, to the HSE, those 600,000 hours are expendable; to all those who benefit, every single minute of every single one of those hours is precious.

But weep not just for those who are thus reduced; weep for yourself, weep for us all. Today the putrid, rotten, zombie Anglo Irish Bank pays a bond of €600,000,000; on Oct 1st (four weeks from today) AIB pays a bond of €1,000,000,000; already this year our banks have paid bonds of over €16bn; before the year is over that will grow by another €3.75bn. Yet you don't know.

You don't know how the lifeblood is being drained from this economy week by week, month by month through our six banks (five of which we own) because you are not being told. The government (I won't say 'our' government because even from the day they were elected they betrayed us to the ECB) doesn't want us to know; our national media (with a few honourable exceptions) seems to know only what the government wants them to know.

And so we suffer, and so we weep, some more than others. The priorities of Ireland 2012, where an hour of home help to the most vulnerable in our society is sacrificed even as we pay bonds we never issued to big-time financial gamblers, failed bonds in failed in failed banks.

This government will bleat that they are taking the 'hard decisions'. No my friends. When you've decided to hurt the very weakest, that's not the hard decision; face down the ECB, face down the vested interests in this society, cut the fat from the highest earners rather than the lean from those who have nothing - now you're taking the hard decisions.

Enough, I really can't say anymore. Below, the next 12 bonds.


  1. Today I had to fork out 31 euro because a drug I need for heart condition was withdrawn by HSE from my prescription. This govt is driving me and thousands of others to despair. Next month I can't afford to pay the 31 euro so I'll go without the drug. I'll continue to struggle but MY govt don't give a damn about that as long as they continue to look iike good little children doing as they're told by their masters.

  2. Very well stated Diarmuid!

    Even though we have considered these questions over a long period it is still beyond belief ... the people of Ireland are treated with utter contempt by these criminals who call themselves our public representatives.

  3. Well, I suppose this just goes to show that the government is more worried about the wishes of the ECB and the IMF than of the needs of the Irish people. Hell, i'm only 15 and ive already contemplated emigrating to the UK or Canada