Wednesday 20 February 2013

THE DIRTY DOZEN w/e Feb 24th 2013

Baffles me how otherwise intelligent people can believe that the wretched deal done by this government a couple of weeks ago is in any way a positive. Any short-term gain is now dubious but even at that it's at the considerable cost of making concrete that which was fluid. We now have sovereign debt piled on sovereign debt, kicked out into the future in the forlorn and futile hope that we will somehow grow our way out of all this mess.

The bank bonds, meanwhile, even with Anglo and Irish Nationwide now out of the picture, continue to impact, nearly €11bn still to be paid this year alone by our remaining banks. You think that kind of leakage from this broken economy isn't an impediment to growth?

We're still marching in protest in Ballyhea and in Charleville, two years completed next Sunday, week 104, but we're no longer on our own. Several centres have now started weekly protests and several more are in the planning stage. For information please go to the Facebook group page Ireland says NO! to BANK DEBT, or follow on @ballyhea14.

For our 2nd anniversary march on the weekend of March 2nd/3rd we have an event planned for the Saturday evening, an open meeting in the Charleville Park Hotel from 8-11pm, with economists Constantin Gurdgiev and Michael Taft and independent politician Luke Ming Flanagan - free admission, all welcome. We also have a couple of announcements to make that evening on how we plan on progressing and escalating our protest.

Here they are, the next 12 bonds due, with summaries underneath.

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