Wednesday 20 March 2013

THE DIRTY DOZEN - w/e Mar 24th 2013

So, Cyprus said NO! and sent the EU/ECB back to the drawing-board.

To what? First of all the cost applied only to those who had bank deposits and even then, only to those who had deposits greater than €20,000. Up to a limit of €100,000 they would have had 6.75% of their savings grabbed from them, a maximum of €6,750. Unless Cyprus is one hell of a wealthy society, I'd reckon that's the vast majority of Cypriots covered right there. They rejected that proposal, and in no uncertain terms - they were right to do so. If they want savers to take a hit let it be those who can most afford it, the big savers.

Here in Ireland, and when the €5.6bn NAMA 'contribution' is taken into account, we've already sunk €69.7bn into our banks - that works out at €15,200 per capita. Not per bank deposit, per capita, €15,200 for every man, woman and child in the country, many multiples of what was being proposed in Cyprus.

Here in Ireland also, we've had all private pension funds raided by the government, an annual 'levy' impose.

Where is the media exposure of what has happened here? Where is the forensic investigation of what Minister Michael Noonan has recently done, transposing €31bn of very challengeable Promissory Notes to rock-solid sovereign bonds that will make debt slaves of generations? The then Irish government was forced into guaranteeing the issuing of €31bn to Anglo, Irish Nationwide, and EBS at a time when those banks were already well past the point of no return. Of what benefit was that to the Irish people?

This sellout has now been accepted as a fait accompli by the majority of the Irish media, Noonan lauded for doing a deal that simply takes the pressure off him and off his cabinet colleagues for the few remaining years they have in government, at which point they ride off into the sunset with their fat pensions, leaving behind 40 years of debt, with balloon payments at the end.

Cyprus said NO! to far less. It's time for 'Ireland says NO!'.

In Ballyhea and then in Charleville,for over two years we've been campaigning for the lifting of the bank debt burden off our shoulders. Next Tuesday, as part of that campaign, we go to Brussels to meet Sharon Bowles, chairperson of ECON, the only body to which the ECB is answerable. Even if we continue to work in a media vacuum at home we are determined to expose the ECB for what they did in Ireland, we are determined to right the wrong that has been done to us.

Today, March 20th, and again without a word of publicity, Irish Life & Permanent paid an unsecured bond of €10,000,000. Below, the updated tables.


  1. Dear Diarmuid, your age betrays your thoughts!!
    My name is; Manuel Jimenez. I've been through the "Tenere" many times.
    First of all, I want to bring to your attention that, what is happening to the world to-day, is not just the result of an accident, it's roots are deeper than we dare think. It's been well thought for decades.
    Sigmund Freud said, and I quote, "We are all born neutral". Think about it, the matter is of extreme importance for us to understand the present situation.
    The media in general belongs to "them", and they were assigned to hammer and scare the citizens of the "evil" of communism and the "state".
    Very few people stop to think, what is the "state"? Their mantra was always the same, the enemy is the "state", but of course, the state is the society as a whole.
    After so many years, the majority of us still believe that, that is the case!
    Now the "state" has no power whatsoever, no means to generate wealth and owns absolutely nothing, which means that everybody is dependent of the banks.
    About the "subject" Michael Noonan, just have a look at the list of members of the "Bilderberg Group" and probably you will find the answer.
    Bear in mind that Noonan is one of "their" men, and that he was one of the "architects" of the prommisary note to "save" the banks!
    Hope to hear from you.

  2. Manuel, am well aware that this goes much deeper than most people think, the true extent of the problem is mind-blowing.
    Aware also that our media aren't in fact 'our' media but are very strongly bent towards the vested interests, people like ourselves in Ballyhea and Charleville seen as cranks, nuisances to be ignored.
    Finally, am also aware that we are the state, we are the ultimate power; the challenge is to take that power back from those who have abused it, then to take back the power over money, over currencies.
    This might be a bigger fight than we first thought!
    Regards, Diarmuid.

  3. Surely the Cypriots should be given a referendum on this issue given its importance.
    Likewise, we Irish should have given a vote on the 2010 bank bailout.

    Also, Its stomach-turning that our so-called leaders have left it to a private citizen (Diarmuid) to fight our corner next Tuesday in Brussels.
    Corruption pure and simple.

  4. @Diarmuid,
    As you're probably now en route to Brussels, on behalf of the people of Ireland I would like to wish you a safe and successful trip.
    No doubt Germany's/ECB double-standards this week will feature heavily in your discussions.
    As this meeting is in the national interest I look forward to wall to wall saturation coverage by our completely unbiased media!!!!!!!!
    Very best of luck and take care.