Monday 23 January 2012

The Dirty Dozen w/e Jan 29th 2012

One year ago every Fine Gael and Labour TD proclaimed that it was wrong to pay these failed private bank bonds, accusations of treachery and treason against Fianna Fáil; today we have Leo Varadker, Eamon Gilmore, Brendan Howlin and company telling us that not only is it the right thing to do, it's the ONLY thing to do.

A person of strong principle and conviction will not be easily persuaded that wrong is right - what does this tell us then about all those politicians? A few will make their weasly two-sides-of-the-mouth comments but not one government TD will stand four-square with the people against the ECB on this issue, not one man or woman of principle, not one with strong convictions.

This Wednesdday we will pay the famous €1.25bn Anglo bond (details here -; for 46 weeks and counting, in Ballyhea and Charleville we've been protesting the payment of ALL these bonds. Sure, that's an obscene sum on Wed, but what of the two bonds being paid today, both unsecured? Nearly €31m by Anglo, how much good would that do in this country today?

Anyway, here they are, this week's dirty dozen. Enjoy.


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  2. This is the promissory note time bomb left by Fianna Fail which you have failed to address.
    •Actual payment schedule
    –€3.1 billion per year until 2023.
    –€2.1 billion in 2024.
    –€0.9 billion from 2025-2030.
    –€0.1 billion in 2031.
    Repayments will be 47.9 billion
    Total Interest will be 16.8 billion

    That is only part of the disaster visited on Ireland by Fianna Fail and its bank guarantee.

    Now throw in a huge ANNUAL deficit in the public finances left by Fianna Fail. Last year it was €19,000 Million Euro (19 billion) alone.
    This government has inherited a catastrophic mess.
    Then they brought in the IMF/EU bosses.
    Hope you are not trying to make excuses for the Fianna Fail party. It looks suspiciously like it. FF created this mess. Dont ever forget it.