Monday 9 April 2012

THE DIRTY DOZEN w/e April 15th 2012

No change in the actual numbers this week but am utterly baffled at the fact that there isn't even the merest whisper over the next bond due, the €1.5bn AIB bond of this Wednesday, April 11th. That's €250,000,000 MORE than the Anglo bond paid on Jan 25th, about which there was so much fuss, a hell of a difference, yes? We own AIB, 100%, just as we own Anglo, so this is our money, just as surely as it was on Jan 25th last.

Additionally, AIB also paid out three bonds in the last six weeks that came to a total of over €2bn, which means that by Wednesday afternoon it will have paid out over €3.5bn in six weeks of OUR money. And not a peep from our media, not a whisper from a single business or political commentator. What a betrayel of their mandate.

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