Tuesday, 17 April 2012

THE DIRTY DOZEN w/e April 22nd 2012

Didn't say a word about it, deliberately, just to see if ANYONE in our national media would pick it up - they didn't, thus it is that barely a sinner knows that yesterday, April 16th 2012, Anglo Irish Bank (I absolutely refuse to call it anything else) paid a bond of €1.5bn. Yes, another bond of one thousand five hundred million euro, every cent of that our money, to go with the one thousand five hundred million euro paid out by AIB last week, again almost every cent of which (we own AIB 99%) WAS ours. I stress WAS - that money is now gone.

It was a Government Guaranteed bond this time, as opposed to the €1.25bn senior unsecured bond of Jan 2012 - so what? It's STILL our money, that bond taken out when and for what? Taken out on Apr 15th 2010 to pay off other bonds then coming due, that's when, that's for what.

RTE's main news on Sunday contained a report of news on the jobs front - 20 new jobs being created; it had a report on a partnership agreement with China in the equine industry that will generate €40m over the next three years. Good news, undoubtedly, though the fact that the creation of 20 jobs is now a story of national importance shows how deep in the hole we've been buried. Yet, not a whisper about this ongoing haemorrhaging of our lifeblood from the Irish economy.

Why is that?

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